Silent Novels Rec
Please read the rule of my label.

I have privately managed it.
It is a range of one's particular hobbies.
Moreover, I spend individual time on it.
Therefore, it is necessary to give me a lot of time.
And the profit is none.

It is a range of one's particular hobbies.

About release

Release is all genres,
The release date degree cannot be promised. 
The genre has released mainly a noise, expeliment, a dark ambient, and black metal. 
Split with NRYY is sometimes released.  

About CDR

The press is home, and a special factory.
It copies it onto CDR on the market. There is no case.
However, the surface of the board print is sometimes done.
The artwork print uses copy paper on the market or a form any more.
The artwork print is a printing in black and white. The color is sometimes printed.

About copies
It is only ..10-30 average.. Copies.
You receive the CDR copy and the cover from among that 3-5 copies.

About circulation
Everyone can.. buy it.
③My label does not trade.

Please contact it.
      It sells possible.
Each release CDR
(NRYY EXTRA Release best is excluded.10$ )
Shipping cost
World 5$
It is up to 5$ up to 5.
Payment with PAYPAL is also possible.
Shopping link

About Net Release
File is MP3 192kbps~ 320kbps.
All release is free download.
③Release is Silent Novels Official Page and Archive org

Finally, all have the power to make decisions by me.

It is a range of my hobby . It doesn't do in the above-mentioned.

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